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Tumor Records is a worldwide connected Hip Hop label, founded in 2006 by Tumor aka Two More and based in Basel, Switzerland. Their provocative name means two things: On one hand, there is the Tumor in the head which forces the audience to listen to their music again and again like an earworm. On the other hand Two More stands for the producing team, which is working on many different projects at the same time.


Biography Tumor aka Two More:



Tumor aka Two More is a producer and dj duo from Basel, Switzerland. In 2006 the team started their career in the underground as they launched a couple projects with well known names in the hip hop scene. Also with their own label Tumor Records they made themselves a name in the game. As winning indie artists on Coast2Coast mixtapes and also as an official dj team in the Coast2Coast mixtape dj coalition representing Switzerland they made some good connections.

Besides songs from Nas, DJ Khaled, Rick Ross, Flo Rida or Busta Rhymes the unreleased song „history of violence“ by Jedi Mind Tricks was also on the first mixtape of Tumor aka Two More.

The duo released a couple of free download mixtapes with exclusive tracks from Eminem, Twista, Redman and many more. Tumor aka Two More also had their first spot on a international mixtape by DJ Whoo Kid of G-Unit and worked with the award winning crew „Rhyme Bot“ from China.

At the same time Tumor aka Two More was producing a lot for other artists and had some shows as a dj team in the clothing outlet of Carhartt in Weil am Rhein, Germany. Also they released a sampler featuring different bearproducers like Anno Domini Beats and Life & Death Productions.

In the year 2010 Tumor aka Two More and Coast2Coast mixtapes separated. Because of money and time problems the young team couldn’t release as much as wanted and couldn’t hold up to the big guys in the game. They learned a lot in this time and wanted to start their own movement immediately.

It all started when Tumor aka Two More met Edo G and Mr Lif in Bern, Switzerland to record a song for the EP „Fuck the Police“. As far from then a lot of tracks were recorded and Tumor made some good contacts in the game by themselves like Dashenn and How-we-like-it from Germany which were signed by Samy Deluxe. It was time for a release.

After presenting their movement to different studios they signed the deal with Daniel Platisa from Q-Lab in Basel. While working in the famous Basel City Studio in 2016 Tumor aka Two More decided to step it up one more time and released three projects in one year. Fuck the Police EP was a compilation of collected songs from 2010 till 2016. At the same time the duo worked on their first studio album Suicide Brothers which dropped in September 2016. The album included a lot of exclusive features from: J.R. Writer, Twisted Insane, Pacewon, Agallah, Ruste Juxx, Cr7z, Liquit Walker and many more. As the first producer team they had besides the shoutout from Sticky Fingaz from Onyx also one of Anno Domini Beats in the intro.

In the media the team was supported with the new video „Hinter dem Vorhang“ feat. Cr7z which is signed by Kool Savas. It was filmed by Reel Wolf Productions and on couple different blogs like: rap.de, 16bars.de or hiphop.de. The new album was also promoted in the radio when Tumor aka Two More went to the stations SRF Virus and Radio X with rapper Akrobatik and Cr7z.

In 2016 Tumor Records also signed Makempay as the first artist on the label and released the album „before the blood dries“. Makempay was known for touring with Onyx and working with Sean Price (RIP) and the Snowgoons.

The movement „The Real Deal“ was born in 2016 and with help of the club SUD in Basel different shows were organized. Tumor aka Two More also booked a lot of artists like Rock of Boot Camp Clik and the Snowgoons.

In the years 2016 and 2017 Tumor aka Two More focused on five different projects and met a lot of artists like Kosho of Söhne Mannheims. Since the last release the producer team also worked on the upcoming album „Destiny“ which for they shot a video for the track „run away“ feat. Sean Strange and Salomé.

In may 2018 Tumor aka Two More were djing live in the club Bar 59 in Lucerne Switzerland for M-Dot and RA the Rugged Man. Next on the agenda the team is on the stage with the Beatnuts in September and with Cr7z in December. More than that also a tour with an own band is planed for the next year. Stay tuned.