Called Daddy O Junior, the German rapper Dashenn released his first Single I love you at Intercord Records at the age of 17. As a part of the rap-trio Headliners he worked since 2002 with Samy Deluxe, in whose label they released their projects. The Headliners released the mixtape-series Hamburgs Finest Exklusive. 2004 was the first publication was Headliners No. 1 back in 2004. One year later followed by Deluxe Records Let’s Go. They toured for years through Germany, Austria and Switzerland and were often acts at the German biggest hip hop festival Splash! At the height of the success, the team split in 2006. They managed to get the album Das Album zum Film. Subsequently Dashenn worked on various projects. He toured as front-rapper with the rock band Another day of nothing. With the reggae band I-Fire he grooved as guest feature to Jamaican style beats. Since 2013, the Hamburger with finnish-nigerian roots lives in Berlin and is willingto push his solo career 

Tumor aka Two More: “As a part of Headliners, Dashenn was a big part of the German rap history. He always kept his word and that makes him also a great person.“