Coming from seemly a world away, Rootsboy is from Reunion Island off the East Coast of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean. Since 2009, the French speaking artist performs a variety of styles ranging from dancehall to reggae to hip hop. Much of his music revolves around smoking weed and the legalization of nature’s gift. From running sound systems to winning a contest with local friend Lion Greg at the University of Reunion, Island, Rootsboy has also travelled to France where he’s performed in cafes and bars. First song release is real ganjaman on mang karot mixtape 2 (Reunion isalnd) . He has been sending some dubplate (reggae track) for sounds system in portugal (Still classic sound DJ Martin Royal Side sound, Snam sound from le mans in France too). Rootsboy is focusing on upgrading his home studio with better equipment so that he can produce a better product for his fans. On the visual side, he wants to invest in video and photo shoots to further his public appeal.

Tumor aka Two More is proud to have this great artist with his French dancehall influences!