Ruste Juxx

Ruste Juxx is an American rapper from Brooklyn. Known as the protege of Sean Price, Ruste is also a common artist on recordings from Duck Down Records. After his appearance on Heltah Skeltah’s Magnum Force, he released his debut album Indestructable back in 2008. Tis album was executive produced by Sean Price and included other producers like Marco Polo. With him, he collaborated for the album The Execution. Back in 2013 he started his own record label Blaze my fire. Since then, Ruste got a lot of recordings and is working on a lot of productions with great features like Lil Fame of M.O.P., Rock of Heltah Skeltah, Termanology, Vinnie Paz, Ill Bill and the list still continues.

Tumor aka Two More said: “It’s a honor for us to work with such a great rapper. If you imagine which possibilities he got to collab, we are glad that he is already there when we need him for a feature. It’s great to work with such kind of musicians because you can feel their passion. It’s all real because they ain’t doing it – they are living it!”