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Tumor aka Two More - Suicide Brothers

Exclusive features from: J.R. Writer, Twisted Insane, Edo G, Pace Won, Ruste Juxx, Cr7z, Liquit Walker, Agallah, Hangman, St. Laz, Iso, Redro Killson, Mendo Dope, Rootsboy, Stephano Theo, Benny Candela, Makempay, DeeDubb, Akrobatik, G-Free, M Dot Baggz, Le First, Knightstalker, Sista Lin, Mos, Klokwize, Grand Surgeon, Dashenn, Mica7 & Amadeus The Stampede


Tumor aka Two More - New York Single

Makempay - Before The Blood Dries (prod. by Tumor aka Two More)

I came up with the name “Before The Blood Dries” from my Vice Lord brother Chief Maineo, who is in the penitentiary for 23 years for a shooting case. He told me to name my album Before The Blood Dries. I did just that because his word means that much to me. (Free Maineo!) This record is exclusive produced by Tumor aka Two More, who are also my record label owners and has features from the legendary Ruste Juxx, DeeDubb of ATV/100Mad, also my partner C-Rose508, my manito Benny Candela the boogie downbrawler and the french singer M-Star. Be on the lookout for the underground King of the East who is me, myself & I: the one and only MakemPay! For bookings or features get at booking@tumor-records.com. Salute!


Tumor aka Two More - F**k the Police EP


Suicide Brothers